Written by DML
It’s been a week since we last announced our next set of destinations for the TEAM DML National Tour. There’s a good reason for the delay.

I have been considering all the travel options and have come away with a new strategy.   If I am truly going to capture the greatness of America and make the best film of my life, then I have to take my time and go slow.  So, instead of rushing through each state, I’ve changed the scope of our trip making it bigger, but in the process breaking it up into three parts.

From May 14 thru June 15, we will cover 1/3 of the states. Part II will cover another 1/3.  It will begin July 15 and go through August 15.  The final third will be covered from September 15 thru Oct 15.

Tonight, I announce a handful of new stops stretching from Indiana to San Diego.  If you live in the areas listed and would like to try to meet up with my team and me, then CLICK HERE TO SEE UPDATES.  And a special thank you to everyone who has donated to help us make the trip possible.