Written by DML
If you ever wondered how dumb the people of New York City have become over the years, look no further for your measuring stick — Tuesday’s election says it all.

Somehow, the corruption and poor leadership that ties to Mayor de Blasio was overlooked by the city’s voters. The progressive mayor won Tuesday, grabbing approximately 66 percent of the vote compared to 28 for his main challenger, Republican Nicole Malliotakis.

There are few politicians that get under my skin more than de Blasio, so it was hard for me to do this story. It was really hard on my ears to listen to his victory speech, wherein he stated, “We have a lot to be proud of, but we can’t stop now.” He continued by saying, “You saw some important changes in the last four years. But you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

The mayor said he would push for a millionaire’s tax to help fix the city’s beleaguered subway system, and then he ripped at President Trump. “Tonight, New York City sends a message to the White House,” the mayor said. “Our message is this: You can’t take on New York values and win, Mr. President.”

Although he won big Tuesday, the mayor needed to weather a corruption scandal that loomed over City Hall for months. In March, prosecutors decided to end an investigation into the mayor’s fund-raising practices without filing charges — while leveling harsh criticism of his end run around election laws.

More recently, the administration was rocked by courtroom testimony from admitted pay-to-play crook Jona Rechnitz, who claimed that six-figure campaign donations scored him direct access to the mayor.

Never behind in the polls and facing under-funded challengers, de Blasio won his reelection bid without addressing major problems simmering since he took office in 2014.

When I was hosting my TV show on Newsmax in 2016, I was blown away by the poor condition of Manhattan. The things I witnessed on a daily basis was sickening. I was literally forced to step over three homeless men who took up most of the sidewalk leading to the building where I did my show each night. It was equal parts sad, gross, and frustrating, all thanks to de Blasio.

Although I am no fan of Mike Bloomberg, he did a decent job as mayor keeping the city respectable. Between Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani, NYC had been brought back from the abyss. Mayor de Blasio, however, put the city back in the gutter. All the work and accomplishments of Bloomberg and Rudy are fading away under this mayorship.

Homelessness is at near- record levels, the subways are crumbling, a recent terror attack took place, the NYPD is often disrespected by the mayor, and he fights with Gov. Cuomo constantly. The list is longer, but I cannot bear to face it all this morning.

Tuesday’s voter turnout was around the record low set in 2013, when 24 percent of registered voters went to the polls. In the end, the people of N.Y.C. will get that for which they voted. But then again, most of these people couldn’t spell “de Blasio” if they tried.