Each day I receive emails and messages from our readers and viewers.  Today, I respond to 4 of them.

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Hi DML, well I knew the media would be crowing about Doug Jones winning the Senate seat. I can only imagine what MSNBC Morning Joe is saying this morning. I won’t turn it on and upset myself over their snide, nasty comments. The Democrats really know how to get their message out. Why can’t the Republicans do the same? Instead the GOP divides itself, RINOs vs Trumpers. The GOP better get their act together and support whoever the Rep candidate in 2018 elections. I’m feeling very deflated this morning.
God Bless you and your family, Bettyann

DML: The GOP doesn’t want Trump to win.  I’ve said this all along.  It’s down to Trump, his supporters and small media like DML News.

I’m wondering why your share count on DMLNews seems so low most of the time.  I recall your share count be massive.  I also wanted to comment on The Truth and your interviewing of guests.  Will you have guests on the show at any point in the future?

DML:  The share counts appear low for two reasons.  One, Facebook has restrictions on our account.  Two, we don’t post DMLNews links to our Facebook page — we often use the links from DennisMichaelLynch.com, and therefore an article will share the total share count.  We do this for ads purposes.  Long story, too hard to explain.  As for the interviews, this week our office is getting an electrical upgrade that will allow us to turn on more items.   Once complete, we will fire up more monitors and computers — one of them being the Skype system.  So the answer is yes.  Soon.  NOTE: Today, I will be on THE TRUTH at 10:30am.  I have to broadcast earlier!

4k viewers and this is what Facebook live videos shows.  Love DML in this house!

DML: You are referring to my broadcast late last night.  You’re screenshot is a reflection of what we deal with every day.  I am using this to hand to my lawyer.  I appreciate the screenshots and explanations people send me.  It’s disgusting that we grab so many viewers and Facebook keeps our message contained.  The lawsuit is building, trust me. (See Liz’s photo below, according to our numbers we should have been listed second on the list of most popular trending LIVE videos. We are not listed.  If you did not see my broadcast, here is the link.)

Good Morning, DML, I just got back from voting in Foley, AL, for Judge Roy Moore… imagine my surprise when I see this table with snacks set up outside the entrance to vote… they’re Democrats, but you can’t see the sign very well… they also had pickup trucks with ‘Vote Doug Jones’ signs propped up in the back in the parking lot facing the entrance, too.. Isn’t this against the law?? I’m really upset about all the crap going on in this election..

DML: Disgusting.   (Mignon’s photo is below)