Each day our readership sends me emails.  Today, I respond to some of them.

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During your show Thursday you outlined the reasons why the Democrats continue to win the special elections.  I cannot remember all that you said and would like to share the points with my fellow Trump supports.  Can you outline them for me in a way that I can copy and paste them on Facebook please.

DML: The Dems are winning because of 4 factors:
1) There is a large distain for Trump, and so people who would otherwise not show up for these elections are coming out in big numbers.
2) The GOP is putting up weak candidates.
3) The party in power tends to have the lesser hand in midterms.
4) Trump pushing amnesty for DACA recipients is keeping conservative voters home.

I took your poll this morning and voted YES.  I do think Hillary is hurting the Democrats.  As much as I cannot stand her, I hope she stays on the scene. The report about what Mook had to say about her behavior on airplanes was priceless.  Thank you for posting.

DML: I agree with everything you say.

Kate Steinle’s murderer is suing the feds. Unbelievable!!!!! This scum killed Kate Steinle and now is suing the Government. He needs a bullet! Our society, especially California is really f—Ked up.

DML: Make America Great Again.  It’s more than just the stock market.

See moment when bridge collapsed.

DML: Tragic. Thanks for sharing video.

Hi Dennis, yesterday Rush alluded to the possibility that people in the Republican Party May have paid for campaign mailers for Conner Lamb. Have you heard anything about this? That would be a very disturbing revelation.

DML: I don’t listen to Rush. That aside, does it matter either way?  Politics is a corrupt game, and as I have said since DAY 1 that most of the Republican Party does not like or want Trump.  The president has had to battle 4 foes since the day he took office: (1) The media. (2) Democrat lawmakers. (3) The GOP. (4) His own Twitter account.

I am extremely disappointed that my email hasn’t warranted a reply. I understand that DML is extremely busy and is out doing work for the greater good (which I truly appreciate) Well so am I. I have written numerous times about various issues. Some more important than others. I support everything DML does (95% of the time) with that said I can’t help wonder why my issue and my email doesn’t grab your attention and isn’t worthy of a reply. I have read your “I reply to your emails “ and I’m sorry but some are just silly and non-essential ( in my opinion ) My email /issue is a hot topic . I used information that you provided to back up my case on schools safety.    I needed your professional help and support and you didn’t feel my email/issue was worth your time. I didn’t want to go to war without the proper ammunition but I see I’m on my own here . I sent you a video thinking it would help get your attention and better explain my concerns .  I am running for town council and want to make a difference. I want to keep my kids safe but I’m a single working Mom. And was just looking for some advice . Sorry to be such a bother.

DML: We receive an ocean of messages each day.  It is often pot luck as to which ones I pick each morning.  That said, the longer your email the less likely I’m going to respond.  It’s a matter of time, not a matter of interest.  That said, if you’re truly running for office, then:
(A) You should not lash out in this sort of manner, and
(B) you should be prepared to fight your own battles.  With all due respect, if you’re going to wait on a rely from me, or any other individual, to help you win an election, then truth is, you’re destined to lose.
(C) As a candidate, it is your job to:
(1) determine your OWN stance and argument on all issues, and
(2) surround yourself with advisors who can provide you with DAILY support.

I would be remiss not to say that every person who sends an email to me believes their comments are important.  It is not for you or anyone else to decide on my behalf what is, and what is not critical.  That said, I hope you take my tough-love and let it sink in.  In closing, you should be proud of yourself for standing up and running for office — it is not easy. I wish you all the luck in the world. Let us know how it goes as November inches closer.  If I believe in your platform, I will try to help.