Below are my responses to some of the emails I’ve received this weekend and Monday morning.

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I really enjoy Tracy doing the fill in programs for you, but I miss it when you’re not around.  I thought you’d do a Walk & Talk this weekend but I didn’t see anything.  Can you provide me with some details about what to expect.  Thank you. This house loves DML.

DML: Hi Carl. Thanks for the questions.  Yes, Tracey is good at what she does and will only get better.  For the foreseeable future she will be filling in for me a little each week.  We are in the middle of completing They Come to America 4.  I am also in the early stages of filming for our film on Parkland.  Tie in the DML APP launch, website redesign to match the app, and a book called Fighting For Trump, and there is need for me to have assistance with the program.  I will be with you today and Tuesday for sure this week.

Hey DML looks like Apple fixed the calendar app for iPhone. Now shows all the Christian events to include Passover, Good Friday and Easter.

DML: Great news.

Hi DML, I am looking forward to receiving my “They Cone To America” CD’s soon. I am a CA resident and was wondering if you have any suggestions on who to send my extra set to. My local representative is Ami Bera, a liberal who supports Jerry Brown and our status as a rogue “sanctuary state”. He is part of the anti-Trump resistance and big on Obamacare and DACA. I don’t want to waste the extra set and I’m afraid it would be wasted on this liberal congressman. Any suggestions? Thank you for all you do to fight for America and Americans. I am particularly pleased that you reached out to Andy Pollack with both hands, your huge heart, and all of your experience to help this amazing man make the changes that will actually make the schools safe. I’ve never been more proud to be a member of Team DML. Keep up the great work!

DML: I would send your DVDs to the White House.  No person in California who is a liberal will watch them, or so I would guess.  As for Andy Pollack, he and I will be making an announcement next week on Saturday the 31st.  With the assistance of another parent involved in Parkland, we are launching a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping school violence and protecting the lives of children.  We will be equal parts watchdog, advocates, and educators.

Do you think Trump will fire Mueller and do you think Trump is in trouble?

DML: I think Trump wants to fire Mueller but isn’t sure about how to do it, or when for that matter.  Although I do not buy into the collusion BS, I do believe Mueller has, or will find wrong-doing inside the Trump Org.  This happened outside the realm of Trump’s presidency so what that leads to, I don’t know.  But I am betting heavily Don Jr. is involved.  I wish this would all go away and the president was permitted to focus on MAGA.