Below are some of my responses to the emails and messages you have sent me.

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I watched all 5 of your films Friday and Saturday and I am blown away by your filmmaking skills.  The films are informative, entertaining and heartfelt.  I found out about you prior to the election.  Although I don’t agree with everything you say, it’s pretty dang close on most days.  I did not know you made films like you do until I saw the ad on your website.  I do not use Facebook so maybe that is why?  Your filmmaking skills need to be the focus of your work.  I have never watched a documentary for a second time but I will admit that I will be watching all of yours again with my sons when they visit me on Mother’s Day weekend.  Bravo! I highly recommend you do more films soon and that everyone supports you by buying and sharing what you’ve done thus far.  PS – You could and should be charging more money than you do.

DML: I want the films to be affordable and sharable.  If the money was the biggest driver, I would be charging double.  I have a hard enough time fighting Facebook with the censoring on my own, the share program helps me get around that and it makes Team DML the team it is.   Thank you for the support.  Meanwhile, I am almost done with They Come to America 4, and our school safety documentary should be ready by the end of the summer.  In addition, my son graduates college in a few weeks, and we are discussing the possibility of him doing a few docs for me this year.  With the outlets like Netflix and Amazon Prime becoming more popular, we may finally be able to get bigger and better distribution.  Lets see.  Until then, I urge people to get the DVDs and share them.

Hi Dennis, My name is David Amely, and I am Coral Springs resident and business owner that has been offering School Safety products to Broward County Schools for the past 3 years with little or no interest. I wanted to share with you my story and see if you were interested in doing a piece on our interaction with the SBBC board / our Active Shooter Defense system. Please read below and get back to me if you are interested. In May 2016 – (Can be verified via lobbyist public records request) I actually went and met with Robin Bartleman to discuss the lack of safety in our schools and to offer to install the above system in a couple schools as a free pilot. As the demonstration wrapped up, the only question that was asked was how much it costs. When her question was answered, the conversation quickly was shutdown and we were told that the system was too expensive, and that they had other priorities but would forward the request over to the Chief of Staff at the time, Mr. Jeff Moquin for evaluating the possibility of getting a pilot location. We never received a response. What is most concerning is not so much the fact that they did not entertain our request and adopt our system, but when we quoted the one-time cost of installing the system at $800-$1200 per room her response was it was too much! Assuming the average for any security measure offered at this rate is calculated on a classroom size to be about 25 students with the cost spread over 5 years the price per student of installing the system would run between $6.40-$9.60 per student. As a new father myself, the revelation that the SBBC leadership values the safety of my son, and everyone else’s children somewhere between $0-$6.39 is disturbing to say the least. From 2007-2011 I actually worked for a Broward school and contributed to the technology standards committee on budgeting and have access to the negotiated prices for all IT related equipment that was purchased for the schools. The Schools literally pay more for printers in the classroom every 5 years. I believe this is also public record and can be confirmed through FOIA. With this knowledge, and their actions… I have little faith in this current School Boards resolve at addressing this issue. With that said, we are still committed to school safety and are willing to offer a no cost pilot at any interested school, up to 50 doors. If this is something you can assist us with getting the word out regarding it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

DML: I have shared your information with Andy Pollack and another young man who wrote a report about the superintendent and school safety.  They will be presenting the info on April 10 at a school board meeting.  You should go.

Hey DML… please help! I have written you before that we need your help in California, to get TRAVIS ALLEN elected Governor.  I don’t know how the hell Newt Gingrich thinks Cox will ever be elected. I initially supported Cox too, until I found out that he:

Voted for Gary Johnson
Was “too busy” to vote at all in 2014
Lies about how long he had been in California (3 years he states 10)
Makes all his money off Section 8 housing
Has at least 8 failed election (4 in Illinois)
Has spent 10 MILLION of his own money to get himself elected …has NEVER won!

Has donated to and accepted money from Soros.

(Many more, I don’t want to bore you)
I was at the Orange County Republican Women’s Federation on Thursday they both spoke,  As no one wanted to talk to to Cox he left as soon as it was over.  Travis Allen, scheduled for last speaker, was 1 hour late because he was in Sacramento (for a vote) in the morning and then had to take a flight (he flies Southwest $80.00) to LAX then drive to Orange County.. No guests left, they all waited! When he was done he received a standing ovation and over 100 people stood in line to meet/ thank/take pictures with him! The 2nd event was outside in the parking lot, talk radio hosts from KFI 640 were hosting a Repeal The Gas Tax initiative and were having a signature drive. They had a bunch of volunteers getting signatures from people in the drive-through line in the parking lot.  Travis did a live radio interview, and people listening on the freeway, actually exited the freeway, hoping to make it to the parking lot, in time to meet Travis, and many of them did.  They loved him!  Please pay attention to your numbers as I am going to spend the rest of my day trying to get people to follow DML, and yes it is a bit self serving, because I will be asking the over 500,000 followers of Travis to send you and Newt messages. I also know once they discover you, they will be fans!
PS. I purchased 2 sets of your videos (makes 4 total). 1 set went to the White House and I have been loaning out the other 3 sets to anyone I can get, that wants to watch them.  Presently,  (I received your permission first) I am trying to get screening parties at Leisure World a retirement community (11,000) residents. I would have it done already if it were just 1 two hour movie, trying to figure out airing of all 3. If you made it through my whole email, I thank you! Gina Bryson

DML: I think Newt is a bag of hot air on most days.  He’s establishment material who tries to act grassroots.

Dennis:  I hope you are doing well.  I am writing to check in regarding a possible story for Jason and Bryan the two young men I am supporting from LA.  I am really not trying to be a pain- I am sending similar emails to any and all producers, editors, writers who have ever given me a voice in the past when I was screaming for my son.  I am hopeful someone somewhere will take a chance and get their story out there.  If you want me to stop- just say it- I am persistent but definitely not disrespectful.  Otherwise you will get an occasional email from me!  Blessings, Kathleen…. Hello!  First let me say THANK YOU for taking the time to listen to my story over 18 months ago when I first reached out regarding #doublestandards in our country!   Today I am reaching out regarding two young Americans- TRUE PATRIOTS.  As you know, as a result of my personal experience with injustice in our country I started a Facebook page- American Patriots Against Double Standards.  The page originally was set up to raise awareness of my son’s case and the CLEAR DOUBLE STANDARDS average Americans were facing every day here in the United States.  Since then, the page has grown to over 21,000 Patriots strong!  Last week I received a message on the page from someone asking for support.  This message led me to two young men in LA facing what I believe to be a CLEAR ABUSE OF FEDERAL GOVERNMENT POWER!  I have had many people and cases brought to my attention over the past year and a half, but none have moved me in the manner this case has.  One young man a Veteran, a sniper who returned to his country to serve here at home as a law enforcement officer- a father, a husband.  Another young man who also chose to serve his country as a law enforcement officer- a father, a husband.   These two young men did not just choose to serve as your average law enforcement officer- that would have been tough enough- instead they chose to and then were selected to serve as law enforcement officers with one of the most vulnerable at risk population- inmates with mental illness.  Their compassion and empathy, sound reasoning and conflict management skills made them ideal fits for this difficult to serve and protect population-  they took pride in their life work as Deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department!  In 2010 these two young men went to work one day and their lives changed.  They were falsely accused by a disgruntled employee and became scapegoats in a twisted system of governmental over reach and corruption.  To understand more why I am so upset by this CLEAR injustice you need to understand a few things… first, they were cleared through internal investigations- not just once, but twice- medical documentation, reports were provided, letters were written on their behalf by fellow deputies, psychiatrists, social workers to include letter after letter speaking to the amazing character of these two young men.  But just like many other cases of injustice in our country under past administrations, these very documents that could clear their name were never allowed to be a part of a record.  Instead- one witness- a disgruntled employee- was all the FBI and federal government required to destroy these two innocent Americans.   Following their conviction, they appealed the 9th Circuit Court of Los Angeles Counties decision- they had hope justice would be served.  Instead, the FBI with all the power they wielded over and over- blocked their appeal.  They have been sentenced and are awaiting their report date and facility where they will be serving federal prison time for something they did not do.  They are a TRUE example of over reach of federal government.  PLEASE LISTEN TO THEIR STORY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!  WE MUST ALL STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT FOR THOSE WITHOUT A VOICE!  Initially all I did was cry hearing their story, I read document after document regarding their outstanding patriotism and character.  I read document after document exonerating them.  Then I became angry.  Angry that yet another American Patriot could be thrown away.  Please take the time to listen to their story.  PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS GO UNHEARD!  God Bless America, Kathleen Saucier  American Patriots Against Double Standards

DML: I will pass it on to one of our writers this week coming.

DML, I am giving up on Facebook after 8 years.  I will be relying solely on your DML APP to inform me.  You’ve mentioned the DML APP 2.0 several times and I know you said it will be available this month.  You can tell us what is included now can you not?  Getting me news is very important to me and I know you are the best there is but want to be sure I am not missing anything with the new app.  Thanks!

DML: Jack. The DML APP 2.0 is complete, and is waiting to launch.  I have been traveling the past 3-weeks — a trip I did not plan on taking — and so we are behind in terms of launching because the new website ties to the app.  I have not approved the new website layout.  I plan to do that Monday and Tuesday.  Testing will resume W-Sunday, and we should launch on Monday (a week from tomorrow).  That said, here are the changes:

(1) DML News is turning into more of a new aggregation service so this way you need no other app on your phone.  We pull in the most important news stories from around the world as they happen.  Each article provides a brief synopsis and link to the original article.  Thus, you need no other app but ours.  That’s why I must approve the website design, as it ties to the app, which will now be named the DML  News APP

(2) There will be 5 tabs.  The first will be Trending News (same as it is now).  However, instead of the 30 most recent stories listed, we’ve increased it to 120.  Therefore, you never miss a thing.   Another change is once you read an article, the listing on the app changes color.  This way you know you’ve read it already when returning to the app later on.

The second tab is for Twitter Alerts.  Currently, it only covers my tweets.  With the new app you get an alert when I tweet, and when President Trump tweets.

The third tab is DML TV.  People often complain they can’t find our LIVE videos on Facebook or on the website.  Now, all the DML shows are listed in one easy to find place.  That said, we are adding more programing such as “Viral video of the day,” and a new video that highlights Trump’s tweets for the day.   The expansion of DML TV is our big initiative for the second half of 2018.

The 4th tab is new.  This is our SOCIAL tab.  This is coming in two-phases.  Phase one permits DML readers to chat with each other, and myself, in real time.  This is designed to pull you away from needing Facebook.  Phase2, which is a few months away, will include a social media platform that operates much like Facebook.  It’s best described as a group page.  I suspect this will be ready in June or July.

The 5th tab will have an array of offerings.  In addition to linking to our store, and offering a place for you to report news, etc, it will offer Miss Mary’s Cafe’ which will be chuck full of information about health, family matters, reporting schools that are not safe, simply fun stuff for kids, and cooking recipes.  Another spot on the 5th tab will be for  people sharing news items with each other.  Can be anything from sports to politics…. there are no rules.

People should download the DML App now so that they don’t miss the announcement.  To do that, just go to the Google Play store, or the APPLE IOS store and search for DML App.