Each day I receive messages from the DML News readership.  Today, I respond to some of them.

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I want to tell DML that I got my mom to watch you today.  She laughed her butt off.  She loved you. I’m in NC because my mom has stage 4 cancer; she has 3 different cancers so it’s a matter of time. But I wanted to thank you for a special time we had together watching your show today and the laughs, it will be something I will remember when she goes.  So, thank you DML for giving me a great memory with my mom today. God bless you and your family. Thank you for you!

DML: While your email made my day, it also saddened my morning.   I am sad to learn about your mother’s condition, and I will pray for her to be pain free.  Please pass on my love.  In terms of making my day, I don’t get the time to do many Walk & Talks these days, and with all that’s going on negative in the world it was a nice change of pace to have some laughs Sunday.  While the weekend W&T isn’t for everyone, I do know many people enjoy the lighter side of the program — your mom included.  If I can make one person smile, it’s mission accomplished. I am happy and honored to have been a part of your time together.  I wish you strength in the weeks and months ahead.

Last night I watched the movie “Lincoln” I didn’t realize that the 2 parties were so divided even back then.It was all about what the PARTY wanted not what was for the good of the people!! I thought this was a problem of modern day!! WOW We really need to address term limits on these congress and senate. Also took your poll and I think with all the distracting material available to kids they don’t learn social skills. Welcome back I missed your witty way for the news. But Tracy did a great job!!

DML:  Starting next week, odds are Tracy will be hosting the 11am slot with a 15-minute overview of the stories of the morning.  But for certain, I will be moving to 10amET with my program THE TRUTH.  The 10amET slot will be a permanent change.  I have been doing to the 11am slot now for more than a year, but with  some of the changes we are making internally, the 10am is better.  As for the divide, it’s always been about the party instead of the people, and yes, the solution is term limits.  Great email.

I can’t seem to find your online polls if someone could point me in the right direction ill like to participate. Thanks I really enjoy getting the real news from you and your team keep up the GREAT work.

DML: It’s rather easy.  If on desktop, at DMLNews.com on the top right is the POLL of the day.  It never moves from that location.  On mobile, at the top there is a drop down menu, one of the options reads: POLLS.  Click it.  All the polls are located there.  Enjoy.

DML, I purchased your immigration films and was one of the people who sent the extra copies to the White House. I found it pretty cool that within two weeks of all of us sending in the DVDs that Trump put an end to DACA.  I also found it interesting that after you suggested Trump do three things to stop the caravan (one of those things to raid where illegals work in the US) that Trump and ICE conducted raids days later.   I am seeing an ongoing pattern here and it appears to me that the president’s staff is indeed listening to you and us.

DML: Not on everything, but on somethings for sure.   Thanks for getting the films.  People should continue to take advantage of the offer to buy the trilogy and get another set for free.  They should send the extra copies to the White House.  Trump needs to get even tougher on immigration.  Sending the National Guard is not enough.  In fact, it’s only temporary and limited in its effectiveness.  Bush and Obama did the same thing, and it didn’t do much at all.