Below are my responses to some of the emails you sent me.

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Your APP…Love it. Thanks for making us so easy to understand and to use.

DML: Everyone seems to like it, and it will only get better as we add more options.

The problem is that DML needs to be an ADVISOR TO TRUMP. Never more sure of this then after your talk on MAY 4th.

DML: I appreciate that comment,  Trump knows where I am.  He knows the value of my message as he basically grabbed it for his campaign (FACT).   More on that in a few months.   He needs to get himself together on the communications front, and he must execute an order for mandatory e-Verify.

Dear DML, Today my son went to a local farm to buy more cattle. And while he was there he had left his phone in the truck. The farmer also told him about how he got stem cell injections in his knees and how it helped and didn’t need surgery. Well on the way home he and his wife started talking about stem cell and his knee. When they got back to my son got on FB and the first ad to pop up was about stem cell on the knees with pictures!!! Mind you they didn’t have their phones with the farmer just in the truck talking so that means someone was listening to them from FB. This is scary, and yet Zuckerberg says they don’t, but this proved to me they do. Thanks for all you do to bring us the truth each day.

DML: This is one of the most disturbing emails I’ve received in a long time.

My wife is from South Korea, she said everyone in SK, including her family, is raving about Trump now because of North Korea. They give him 100% of the credit. Skeptics think Kim Jung Un might just be playing nice until Trump leaves office.

DML: I give Trump credit for knowing how to negotiate and not backing down when he is ripped by the media for using terms like Rocket Man. However, there is enormous risk in generating too much optimism and thinking NK is folding on its nuke program.  Kim is either waiting on Trump to leave, or setting him up to look foolish.  We cannot trust Kim.  That said, I trust Trump has this under control for now.

Hi DML, Miss Mary & staff, just wanted to say I love the new App!!

DML: Thank you!  If people want the new app, they go to Google Play or Apple IOS and search for DML NEWS APP.  If the Apple store doesn’t allow you to upgrade, just delete the existing app off your phone and reinstall.  It’s an APPLE issue which has happened for years.

My daughter is probably close to your daughter’s age –  she’s a junior at UCSD. She’s taking an ethics class (by a journalism prof). He is a conservative!! She’s a conservative too. She has to write a midterm paper on immigration & I gave her your DVD’s to watch. She said she needs written references for her paper. Can you provide me with some? I think her prof would love to have you as a guest lecturer – as he is a one of a kind – conservative at a UC school. They get out in mid June due to the quarter system, but you probably won’t be in southern Cali by that time on your tour. I live in Temecula (one hr north of San Diego & she’s in La Jolla which is a beautiful place as you know.  I love Team DML & would love your guidance on how to help my daughter.

DML: Actually, I will be in San Diego sooner than later.  Last night it occurred to me that my tour is not going to happen as originally planned.  I wanted to knock out 2/3 of the US before June 15, and then hit the rest of it between Aug 1-15 (east coast).  However, in order to hit 2/3, I will have to break up the journey into three trips.  There is no way of me doing this correctly if I try to rush.  Therefore, all dates that we’ve made so far (May 15- May 21) will remain in tact, but my team will by heading south from our last stop in Indiana on May 21.  From May 22 through June 14, we will be traveling through the southern part of the US.  Imagine drawing a line from Los Angeles to Nashville, then then down to Orlando.  Everything under that line, and inside that line will be covered in this first leg of our trip from May 22 – June 14.    Southern Cal, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida will be included.   Then in the middle of July we will hit the east coast states from North Caroling to Maine.  In September, we will head back to Indiana and tackle the states that are above the line drawn above (e.g. Montana, North Cali, etc).   The trip is to cost me double of what I originally planned, but I think this will be the most important work I ever do.  I have to do it correctly.  To help us, people can donate by clicking here.

As for  your daughter, have her contact us via our press email if she wants some quotes.  As for speaking at the university, my days of that kind of public speaking and TV appearances are over for now.  I did that sort of thing for years, and I came away finding that the best way to get my message out is how I do it with the DML NEWS APP,, THE TRUTH, and my films.  I am working 7-days per week, 16 hour days (M-F) and 8 hours on Sunday getting those assets increased and more prominent.  Therefore, my time is squeezed to the point of where I have to schedule showers.  LOL. Have daughter email:  [email protected]

This weekend my four brothers visited me for the first time in 12 years.  That’s how long it’s been since we all sat in one room together.  How did we spend our time?  Watching They Come to America films.  We intended to watch just the first one.  However the first was so good that we decided to watch the second.  That was even better so we went to dinner and then returned home to watch the third.  The third is the best, or so we all agreed.   Mr. Lynch, you are an American hero with all the traits of a strong leader.  Your compassion, smarts, instincts, charm, good looks, strong family values and faith in God is wrapped together so well and tightly that all of my brothers believe what I do!  We think you will one day be the president this country has been yearning for since Reagan. We like Trump, but Trump will not be the president to change the country because he has too many warts and personal issues.  You my friend will be the person to bring this nation back to its glory.  I just hope I am alive to see it.  Everyone should be supporting you and buying these films.  I close with words of wisdom…….  Hold on to that Miss Mary as she is the foundation of your future success.  A great wife is the secret to a great life.

DML: WOW, what an email Jerry.  I appreciate the kind words, especially the words about my Mary.  I am happy to be a part of your family weekend.  The films are a key to getting Trump to sign an executive order on immigration.  We need mandatory e-Verify.  Great news is one of our biggest supporters called me this Sunday morning offering to buy thousands of DVDs to be sent to Trump along with a petition we are drafting.  I will have more on this Monday.  I ask everyone to please help me help them in getting Trump to do the one thing that is sitting in front of his face.   God bless you and your brothers.    If people want to get the DVDs and take part in our program to stop the illegal immigration from killing this country, click here.