I’m traveling home and answering some of your emails along the way.

From Vicki
Dear Dennis,
It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I send you this note. My dear dear mother Ruth passed away last nite. She fell and passed due to complications with her heart. (June 9th). How can I ever thank you for coming to her home on her birthday to interview her for the documentaries? At her party that evening she was lite up with pride. It will be a treasure to our family and something I will never forget.
Please hug your Mom and tell her you love her. I wish I could tell mine right now. I’m so grateful that you came here. She thought you were a gentleman as well as a nice person.
Please keep me posted when we are able to view and cherish her interview.

DML: Interviewing your 93-year-old mom was one of the highlights of our tour. To think she is gone just two weeks after she shared her amazing story of surviving the Holocaust is chilling. I am so sorry for your loss, and we promise to make her segment in our film wonderful. God bless her soul.

From Joey
There is a story going around about a child sex camp in Tucson, but it sounds shady to me. Your thoughts?

DML: My law enforcement contacts in that area are of the highest level. I asked about the alleged reports and was told the story doesn’t equate. In other words, law enforcement says its BS.

From Carol
There is so much going on in the world and we don’t have you doing your daily show. I understand you are out filming your movies but I wanted to say you are missed. Thank goodness for your app. When are you returning?

DML: Carol, there’s always so much going on, isn’t there? I’m making my way back to NY today. Yesterday, I drove for 18 straight hours with just 3 bathroom breaks. Today, I’ll drive another 7 hours. That said, I’ll be returning to the office Monday, but will not be hosting a show until the following week. I need a break. Lol.