Written by DML
I am the proud dad of 4 kids.  Two of them are girls.  One is away at college, the other is in grammar school.

I’ve had a rough week dealing with Facebook.   They’ve locked me out of my account for reasons that are untrue and unsubstantiated.  Thus, I’ve found myself yelling at the moon.  I’m upset because Facebook is disrupting my business, and it’s blocking my full connection to the 1.3 million people who follow me on Facebook.

Screaming at the moon usually results in me coming to terms with what matters most, and what does not.  For example, on Thursday evening my wife Mary said to me, “Forget about the Facebook stuff — we have our daughter’s play tonight.”

My 8-year old was in a play at school — she was a “fish” in “The Little Mermaid.”    I went to the play and forgot all about Facebook as I watched my little girl have the time of her life.  Going to that play reminded me of what mattered most.

Later that night, my oldest daughter contacted me — she wanted to come home from college a few days earlier than scheduled.

Why she wanted to come home early doesn’t matter.  What matters is she had no way to get home early.  Thus, meeting her request would require me to drive 13-hours.  Remembering what matters most, I got in the car Friday morning to get my daughter.

When we returned home late last night, I watched my “little fish” hug her big sister.  And right there, at that very moment, all the crap I had dealt with during the week was meaningless.

Today, while checking my emails and the ‘submit news’ comments that come in each day to DMLNews.com,  I came across a message from Jonathan.   I have no idea who this man is, but I assume he is a reader / viewer.

 Jonathan wrote: if you can share this story about my niece we would greatly appreciate it.  It has been on the website of ABC 7 NY as well as on their tv news.  Below are the 2 links to the story.  We are praying for a cure and looking for help from wherever we can get it.  Thank you for your time.  (See links below).

I took the time to read the story about this 4-year-old from New Jersey.   Although my prayers for her are in place, odds are stacked against this beautiful child.  Her inoperable brain tumor will force her to leave this world much sooner than she should.

Looking at her picture stopped me in my tracks.

Earlier this week I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders because Facebook blocked me from my pages.  That feeling disappeared after spending two very common events with my two girls.   Last night, standing in my kitchen seeing them hug was like winning the lotto.  How lucky I am to have the problems of the week washed away by being with my girls.  That said, this morning I think about the parents of Lena, and how they’ll never have that same opportunity.

I often ask my readers to support DML News so that we can deliver you the truth, and to provide a gateway to the stories that the mainstream media does not cover.  So, with that in mind, not only do I report on this little girl’s inoperable brain tumor, I ask you to visit her go-fund-me account if for no other reason than to learn about her story and say a prayer.   As seen below, I have donated $300 (three hundred dollars) to her cause.

Full disclosure:  I do not know this family.  I am basing my donation off the news report, and the description given on the go-fund-me page.