Written by DML
Last week, the former president of this great nation took out his phone and blasted a tweet to the nearly 100 million people who follow him on Twitter. His tweet urged God to help us find a way to stop gun violence, after a mass shooting in Texas left more than two dozen people dead and much more injured.

I responded to his tweet, telling him to “shut up” and asking where his tweets have been regarding the nonstop shootings that take place each week in his home city of Chicago. I did not receive a reply.

I am waiting patiently on this Tuesday for Obama to tweet about the shootings that took place in Chicago over the weekend.

According to police, two people died and 16 were injured in shootings across Chicago over Veterans Day weekend.

Not that Obama is counting, but if he really cared about the sort of violence that results in death, he’d be using his Twitter account to tell the world that the total number of homicides in Chicago for all of 2017 is 562 people. That’s more than 20 times the amount of people killed in Texas last week. So, Mr. Obama, where is the tweet?

Just as interesting a question is this: “Where are the protests from the NFL?”

Shouldn’t the players be taking a knee to help shine a light on all the shootings happening in our inner cities? If Trump lived in Chicago, then perhaps they’d take a knee. But he lives in the White House, so forget about it.

By the way, I wonder when the NFL will demand the White House be changed to another name because “White” shouldn’t be included in the description.

And how about Black Lives Matter? Where are they marching up and down the streets of South Chicago?

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, there have been 2,672 shootings this year in the city of Chicago. Do the math — that’s a lot of shootings on a daily basis. So, it’s not like Obama, the NFL, or the BLM could have missed the shootings due to the news cycle being filled with Russia-Trump collusion stories and calls for Robert E. Lee statues to come down.

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