Written by DML
There are three things I can say for certain. One, I will love my wife until the day I die, and she will love me. Two, my family is the most important thing in my life. Three, I have the greatest supporters on all of Facebook.

Everything else in this life is up for grabs.

That said, I know I do not stand in a unique territory by being placed in “Facebook jail.” I realize I will not be the first conservative, nor the last, to be “punished” by the people at Facebook who seek the feeling of spineless power that comes from a “tough guy’s” keyboard.

I know I could call upon my friends in the media and ask them to put me on air so I can voice the ridiculous and unfair treatment that I’m subject to right now. But I won’t.

When I was considering a run for public office, I thought my greatest strength was my ability to relate to the everyday guy and gal. “I feel your pain,” was to be a slogan I’d would use had I decided to run.

It’s the truth. I feel your pain when it comes to health care, and the impact of mass immigration, both legal and illegal.

I feel your pain of paying high taxes and dealing with veterans’ issues.

I feel your pain on so many levels each and every day.

These pains I mention…, I didn’t learn about them in school. I do not learn about pain by listening to the talking points expressed by the wealthy hosts who shower Fox News and CNN. I live this pain just like you live this pain.

Yesterday, my anger towards Facebook hit a high point when I found myself working alone last night on the DML website.  I had finished a post, but I only had the ability to publish it to the DML APP. I could not post to Facebook because my account remains on lockdown. Why? Because FB claims I abused the “spam” rules via my personal account.

The “spam” excuse given to me from Facebook is total BS. I don’t use my personal user account to spread spam.  Truth is, I rarely look at my personal user account, let alone use it. There is no way I could have done the things they accuse me of doing — and FB knows I am right. Fact is, there is a digital footprint that proves what I am saying! But they know this already.

Last night, after being locked out from posting important news to the DMLdaily account on Facebook, I went through the Facebook community standards documentation.

Although I would rather go through the pain of pulling the hair from my legs than go through the pain of reading the legal mumbo-jumbo put together by a group of Silicon Valley attorneys, I wanted to be solid in my claim that I did nothing wrong.

Having read each paragraph, I stand tall in saying I did not break a single rule. I am the latest victim of Facebook’s unfair treatment of conservatives.

Now, this is not to say some liberal troll on FB did not target me. But even so, if such is the case, as a paying customer in the FB advertising system, and as an approved publisher in the “FB instant articles” program, I should have been contacted about the claims made against me. I was not.

Truth is, our account continues to be plagued with limitations on both our reach and our ability to monetize our investments in Facebook’s tools that have been solicited to us, and paid for with good money, etc., etc., etc.

Thus, I am led to believe I am being punished because my viewers contacted Facebook’s press team after they were completely fed up with being “unliked” from our page and prevented from getting alerts about my LIVE programming, being prodded and poked at every turn.

Overnight, I thought long and hard about this entire situation. Should I appeal the lockdown? Should I contact my media friends and go on TV and radio and scream to the rooftops about how I am being demonetized and scrutinized because I am a conservative? The easy answer would be yes. It would be easy for me to pull that “Trump” card. But I have decided against it.


Because you do not have that luxury. You do not have a Rolodex filled with media outlets who will give you airtime.  Thus, in order to truly feel your pain, I will face this like you would — or have.

So, the short answer is, I don’t know how long this will last. The sadness of it all is that I will not be on Facebook LIVE Monday thru Friday at 11 a.m. EDT, reporting “The Truth.” We have spent approximately $250K, maybe more, in centering our programming around Facebook LIVE. It’s not something I can just switch over. The amount of money and market share we are losing right now because of this is incredible, and it’s all happening because of the discrimination against conservative viewpoints.

I am now handing this over to the lawyer. So, unless I am given the okay, I will not mention it again other than saying, “I remain locked out.”

I urge you to voice your frustration, and I doubly urge you to download the DML APP. It is completely free and we publish trusted news throughout the day, 7 days per week.

That said, I am not going to borrow another person’s Facebook LIVE account to do a program. The Walk & Talks and “The Truth” are both dark until we find another way. I ask you to stay tuned and remain in my corner.

Thank you,
Dennis Michael Lynch