OPINION: Liberals have no problem throwing accusations and rhetoric at the GOP regarding their lack of unity behind presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.  But after the violent chaos that erupted this past weekend at the Nevada convention from disgruntled Bernie Sanders fans after his loss to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party is at an even more controversial divide than the GOP.

With Hillary losing in national polls to Trump, and as Sanders grows his “revolutionary” support despite his lack of delegates, many are wondering how the Democratic Party has become a divided, cluttered mess. It stems from one scheming, staunchly partisan congresswoman: DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

This woman has been in more accused schemes due to her blatant liberal agendas than one can count on both hands. Wasserman Schultz has been a Hillary supporter since the beginning, but her statements on Bernie Sanders have added more fuel to the fire to instigate his supporters. The Congresswoman has whipped the establishment along with Harry Reid to have the cards stacked against Sanders and give undying loyal support to Clinton.  For example, she scheduled only six Democratic debates, all of them during times where viewership would be low.

Wasserman Schultz has been arrogant and stubborn in her flexibility of allowing other candidates to get a fair shot, clearly and unabashedly abusing her power to show bias for Clinton. Even super liberal commentator Van Jones released a statement regarding her unfairness:

“The problem that we have right now is that there has been this concern on the part of Bernie’s people that the DNC has been on Hillary’s side. … First of all, Bernie did say, in his statement, that he’s against the violence. Also, if you want to talk about violence, only one person’s been arrested — it was a Hillary Clinton supporter, Wendell Pierce, arrested for assaulting a Sanders supporter. So, if you’re going to come out and you’re going to talk about violence and you’re the DNC chair, you have to be fair about it. I don’t think she was fair. I think she actually made it worse now. We have to pull these people together. That did not happen.” [note: no one was arrested at the Nevada convention].

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Wow. Talk about a divided house. So do we give thanks to Wasserman Schultz for nullifying the voice of Sanders and fracturing her own party, or do we have her to blame for Hillary being in the race for so long and outperforming the socialist candidate by gaining more delegates than she deserved? In a way, both. Wasserman Schultz, for Trump’s benefit, eliminated strong chances of Sanders getting the nomination, since he would have been a tougher opponent to Trump due to his favoritism with liberal millenials. Yet at the same time, the reason Hillary is even still relevant is because this congresswoman has deceitfully championed for her since she was a campaign co-chair to Hillary’s failed 2008 campaign.