Ivanka Trump provided a strong introduction of her father on Thursday.   She spoke a lot about her father’s business success, but her most passionate lines were targeted towards women and the issues they face, and how Trump will change the labor laws to help women succeed.  Whether Donald Trump wins or loses this election, Ivanka Trump has a tremendous career waiting for her in politics.

Tonight, we saw the presidential side of Donald Trump.  He went outside his comfort zone by reading from a teleprompter for most of his speech, but when he felt the crowd hungry for red meat he went off script — and it worked.   One very recognizably new insertion into his speech was the word “WE” instead of “I.”

He started off a little slow and stiff.  His first comments were about the crime and terror taking shape in America and promised it would all come to end with a Trump presidency.

He relied on statistics that paint a terrible economy and a lack of law and order.   And this part of his speech sounded dark, but rightfully so considering America is amid dark times.

As expected, he touched on all the major issues we face.   Then he said “Tonight I will outline a plan, and the difference between our plan and their plan [Democrats] is that we put America first.”

His plan starts with “safety at home.” He said there can be no prosperity without law and order.

He then mentioned he has a strong plan for kickstarting the economy.  And he warned that some of his plans will be rejected by the special interests. “These are the special interests who fund Hillary Clinton,” Trump declared.

He said he wakes up determined every day to fix a rigged system that hurt the people he’s met across the country.  He said these people live every day without a voice.  He said boldly, “I am your voice!”  He then mentioned how the LGBT community is suffering and vowed to protect them from the hate of Islamic ideology.

Trump really revved up his voice and passion when talking about illegal immigration and the lives lost at the hands of illegal aliens who cross the border by the thousands each day.

Trump did an effective job at painting the difference between him and Hillary, and he did so without calling her “crooked Hillary.”   He also left out any reference to Ted Cruz.

At about 30-minutes into his speech, Trump started to find his pace.  He projected his voice and started using his hands — the real Trump was on stage and it was refreshing.  He stayed on message for the most part, and he reminded us all why we supported him in the primaries.

In all, Trump touched on every issue and topic there is to cover.  He was passionate, proud, loud, and presidential.  He expressed his love for his family.  He said he’s had a great career in business but now he is exclusively dedicated to making America win again.

Trump concluded with saying, “I am asking for your support tonight so I can be your champion.  Hillary asks her supporters to make a pledge that says, ‘I’m with her.’  I have a pledge that says, ‘I’m with you, the American people.’

But the best phrase of the night was the last thing he said, “We will make America great again!”

Tonight, Donald Trump was the president we’ve been waiting for: