Donald Trump plans to empower the black community in the United States by creating an environment of “entrepreneurial risk-taking and capital investment,” Ben Carson said Monday.

“Well first of all, they have to stop and listen and recognize that the black community has been moving in a downward spiral for a while now. And a lot of it has to do with the economic situation that exists in this country,” the retired neurosurgeon told REVOLT TV in a video posted to its Twitter account.

The former Republican presidential candidate continued: “You need somebody who understands economics, understands how to create an environment that encourages entrepreneurial risk-taking and capital investment.”

“That tide will lift all boats,” said Carson, who addressed the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night. “And also, he’s gonna be working on empowering people in empowerment zones throughout cities, using a lot of the money from overseas that is stuck over there because of our tax situation. So it’s gonna wind up being a situation that empowers people rather than keeps people in a dependent situation.”

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