A 28-year-old man “deliberately” drove his vehicle into pedestrians near a high school in the south of France, leaving at least three injured. The suspect is known to police and suffers from “acute schizophrenia.”

According to reports, the man said he was hearing voices which were telling him to hurt someone when he mowed down a group of Chinese students leaving a college on Friday. The driver is known to police, but was not on a security watch list, according to France24.

“The car mounted the pavement soon after 4 p.m. and caused immense panic as it targeted students leaving the college,” said a local police source. “The man responsible was known to police but had no history of terrorism. He has severe psychological problems, and had been placed under supervision in the past.”

Police have confirmed that the incident was a “deliberate attack.” The suspect has a record of committing minor offenses and recently stayed in a psychiatric facility, local reports say. He was arrested at the scene.

The attack left a 23-year-old woman severely injured. Two men, aged 22 and 23, were also injured in the attack. All the victims were Chinese students who were studying computing at an IGS technical college in the city.

“Very shocked by the aggression against students at Blagnac,” Toulouse Mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc wrote on Twitter. “We bring them all our support, as well as to their loved ones.”

Citizens in France have recently been victimized by of a series of vehicle attacks, perpetrated by extremists who were inspired by the Islamic State. There is no indication at this time that the driver in Friday’s attack is linked to the terrorist group.

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