Police in Alpharetta, Georgia, arrested a man driving 155 mph in an exotic sports car. He was also drunk, according to a report from Channel 2 Action News.

An officer was patrolling Ga. SR 400 around 3 a.m. Sunday morning when she noticed a McLaren sports car whiz past her at more than 105 mph, according to police. The speed limit for that highway is 65 mph. So, she gave chase.

“Speeds reached as high as 155 mph, at which point she activated her emergency equipment and attempted to try to pull the vehicle over,” said Alpharetta Police spokesman Jason Muenzer. “That vehicle went on for several more miles.”

Dashcam video (see below) shows the officer accelerate in her efforts to catch up to the driver. The sportscar weaved in and out of traffic and eventually reached 155 mph, according to the report.

Police said the car finally came to an abrupt stop near the Northridge Road exit, going from 150 to 0 mph in a matter of seconds.

“That car came to such a sudden stop that there was smoke coming from the brakes,” Muenzer recalled.

He said the driver, identified as Dwayne Pope, smelled of alcohol and explained to the officer that he hadn’t heard the sirens or seen the blue lights. When asked about how much he’d had to drink, Pope stated he’d had only three shots of champagne. However, when he stepped out of his car, Pope appeared to have bloodshot, glassy eyes, according to police. He also reeked of alcohol.

“This could have been extremely bad, not only for himself but also for the family out there driving who’s trying to get home,” Muenzer noted.

After failing several field sobriety tests, police said they took Pope to jail for driving under the influence, speeding, failing to maintain his lane, and driving with an expired tag.

“We’re just thankful everybody was able to go home that night safely,” Muenzer said.