“Scary, loud, outrageous, offensive, small, a failure and fraudster-in-chief.” These are some of the insulting words Sen. Elizabeth Warren, or as Donald Trump calls her “Pocahontas,” to attack the presumptive GOP nominee in her address to the Democratic convention in Massachusetts Saturday night. “Donald Trump is an insecure moneygrubber,” Warren further retorts to her crowd of constituents.

The Massachusetts senator, who Trump also likes to deem as “Goofy Elizabeth,” verball assaulted Trump on an spectrum of issues from climate change to Wall Street to women to him simply just being Trump. Warren spent a majority of her speech time echoing previous attacks from Hillary Clinton against Trump University.

“It was like a used car dealership—except that’s not fair to used car dealerships,” Warren said of Trump University. “His playbook said to look for people with problems; they make good targets. These were ordinary folks who were targeted because they had problems and Trump saw they were vulnerable and he could make a buck,” she continued. “Here’s a man who builds a business to profit off other peoples’ pain. He wants to be Commander in Chief, but he’s only qualified to be Fraudster-in-Chief.”

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While not endorsing either Hillary or Bernie Sanders, she used that sentiment as a sword against the shield of Trump: “[I’m] proud of the debate that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have had. Proud that we are a party that doesn’t debate over who has the tiniest hands or who can build the longest, tallest, stupidest wall between us and Mexico.”

Warren ends the rant by signifying a warning to the Trump Train: “I’m in this fight all the way to try to stop Donald Trump. I’m going to try to help out every way I can.”

A clip of the speech can be viewed below: