In an interview on Sunday Eric Trump attacked a Washington Post article that stated the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, donated only $10,000 to charities over seven years, millions less than he has publicly claimed.

The article stated “The Post contacted 188 charities searching for evidence of personal gifts from Trump in the period between 2008 and this May. The Post sought out charities that had some link to Trump, either because he had given them his foundation’s money, appeared at their charity galas or praised them publicly… The search turned up just one donation in that period — a 2009 gift of between $5,000 and $9,999 to the Police Athletic League of New York City.”

Eric Trump dismissed the article as a “hack job” while calling the media the “worst part of society.”

In the interview with John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970 in New York, Eric Trump said, “It was such a disgusting article, and that’s The Washington Post, and that’s their M.O., unfortunately. Every article is just a pure kill job,”

“Charity is such a big part of our company and of our lives. My father has contributed so much to what I’ve done. He contributes so much to every charity,” he said.

Back in March Corey Lewandowski told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer “I know that Donald Trump has donated over $100 million to charitable causes over the last number of years.” Earlier this year Trump even raised $5.6 million for veterans’ groups.

Eric Trump then went on to say “The worst part of society is that you can’t have an objective and unbiased media. … You know, it’s a hack job, and it’s done for various reasons. It’s very, very sad.”