We’ve heard from Donald Trump’s wife Melania, his son Don Jr. and his daughter Tiffany speak at the convention these past two days. For night number three, his son Eric will take to the stage. He claims he had no speech writers aid him, and plans to give a surging performance that will get the crowd rolling.

Eric joined The Trump Organization in 2006, after graduating with a degree in finance and management, with honors, from Georgetown University inWashington, D.C. However, Eric set on his own path as an ambitious 22 year old fresh out of college.

Later on in 2006, Eric founded the Eric Trump Foundation. The tax-exempt, charitable organization is dedicated to raising money for terminally-ill children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. To date, the Foundation has donated nearly $28 million dollars to St. Jude and grown into one of the largest private charities in the country.

By using only Trump owned facilities, full-time volunteers, and donated food/beverage product, The Eric Trump Foundation maintains one of the lowest expense ratios of any charity in the world. The organization’s overall focus is to advance the medical and emotional needs of sick children at St. Jude and see that monetary donations are transformed into real results.

In 2014, Eric married longtime girlfriend, Lara Yunaska, an associate producer at the CBS television news program, Inside Edition. Eric has also championed for his father in the last year during the 2016 election, and has taken the liberal criticism head on when it comes his way. Based on his experience as an achieved entrepreneur like his father, Eric is expected to be a longstanding voice in a possible Trump administration.