ESPN has apparently fallen on hard times, and approximately 100 employees will feel the pain when they’re laid off from their jobs at the failing network later this month, according to a report in The Hill on Thursday.

Multiple sources told Sports Illustrated that the layoffs will go down after the Thanksgiving holidays and will include “front-facing talent,” along with producers, executives and members of ESPN’s digital team.

The layoffs come six months after the company laid off around 100 reporters and on-air personalities.

ESPN also laid off approximately 300 employees two years ago, including longtime personalities who worked at the network for decades.

SportsCenter, ESPN’s most popular program since its inception, is expected to be impacted particularly hard, according to SI. The layoffs will reportedly include on-air hosts.

SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill was suspended for two weeks in September (reportedly with pay) for violating the network’s social media guidelines after she called President Donald Trump a “white supremacist” and urged fans to boycott advertisers of the Dallas Cowboys during the height of the national anthem controversy.

It is not known if Hill will be included in the upcoming layoffs.

Signs that ESPN is in trouble can be seen in the network’s viewership, which has plummeted since 2011, when 100.13 million households were tuning in. Today, an estimated 87.5 million households receive the cable television network, as younger audiences turn to streaming services instead.