The Team DML National Tour has now been on the road a full three weeks, as they’ve been journeying across the country filming for several documentaries, meeting wonderful Americans and making new friends along the way.

Accompanying Dennis Michael Lynch on this incredible journey are Dennis Lynch, Jr., Ashley Lynch, and Dave.

Each week we have been providing a summary of the week’s experiences.  This report is a synopsis of WEEK THREE.

CLICK HERE to view the synopsis of WEEK ONE, May 14-20.

CLICK HERE to view the synopsis of WEEK TWO, May 20-27.

DML’s son, Denny, has been posting a daily blog sharing some of their incredible experiences. Links to all his blog posts from WEEK THREE are included below, including one from DML also.

DML has also been posting short video clips along the way to give a sneak peek into their experiences. Some of these videos were broadcast on Facebook Live, while others were uploaded to YouTube. The videos were then all posted on the DML App under the “Viral” tab.

However, these brief updates about a trip across America must have raised red flags at the YouTube headquarters, as DML’s YouTube account was suddenly yanked down last weekend, without warning or explanation. Therefore, the videos which were broadcast over the past week are currently not available.

DML did a Facebook Live video update Tuesday night, which is included below.


DML and his crew are deeply grateful for the love and support they’ve received along the way, as well as the multitude of donations that have poured in by those who support DML’s mission.

On this final week of their trip, DML said they do not have any additional “meet and greet” events planned, as they will be concentrating more on filming at pre-arranged locations for the production of their documentary films.  Stay tuned for additional updates.