Written by DML
On Monday, it was reported that Facebook claimed as many as 80,000 posts from Russian-operates were published on its social network over a two-year period. Thus, it is estimated that 126 million Americans may have seen the posts that allegedly tried to influence the 2016 elections.

The new information comes before Facebook, Google, and Twitter are set to meet with D.C. lawmakers regarding the Russian’s attempts to meddle in U.S. elections.

Twitter also put out information on Monday, stating it has found thousands of accounts linked to Russian operatives: “We identified 36,746 accounts that generated automated, election-related content and had at least one of the characteristics we used to associate an account with Russia.”

Finally, Google came out with its own statement Monday, claiming it had found $4,700 in Russia-linked ads.  Google-owned YouTube claims it found 18 related channels on the video-sharing website. In total, the suspicious accounts published roughly 1,100 videos or a total of 43 hours of content.

Despite these claims, not one American has come forward claiming they changed their vote from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump as a result of the Russian accounts, ads, videos, or posts.  Amazing, is it not?