Renee Fuller of Remer, Minnesota took the photo featured on this post, which she sent to me while answering a question I posed to thousands of Facebook friends after writing an article about what it’s like to attend a Trump rally.

While researching the article for the website, I had trouble finding actual accounts of what going to a Trump rally is like from real people who had been there and done that, since I myself have never attended one. I thought there would be interviews with Trump supporters in newspaper articles, but they were few and far between. Most of the articles I ran across were written by reporters who attended a rally and then made fun of President Trump and the people who showed up to see him. So, I did the best I could with what little information I had.

After the article was published, I shared it to several Facebook groups that I like to participate on and asked this question: “Have you ever been to a Trump rally?”

The responses I received were as interesting as they were honest. I also got some great photos that I look forward to sharing with everyone as I relate some of their best Trump rally stories.

“Yes,” replied Fuller, who attended a rally with her family back before President Trump was even elected. She added, “and it was worth the reprimand at work for taking off a day on such short notice. He is a terrific speaker, and the energy was so exciting! People were cheering, and we loved it! It was a chance of a lifetime to hear then-candidate Trump, because this family believes he will be the best president of our generation!”

Debbie Wooten of Panama City Beach, Florida said that attending a Trump rally was an “incredible” experience. “It’s surreal,” said Wooten, who noted that she was amazed by “all the people who were at peace with one another because we all had one goal in mind: to correct all the wrongs; to bring real hope to our children, and we were on common ground. We chatted with excitement and waited with baited breath. We listened to all the speakers and laughed.”

Wooten noted that the lines were long, but it didn’t even matter… “We were there! The air was electrical, and it was more than the best concert you could have attended, back in the day, and you were welcomed.”

She said the photo below was taken at a rally in Panama City Beach, where 40,000 Trump supporters showed up to cheer the future president on.

A widow, Wooten touchingly added, “I had lost my husband one year prior, and had he still been with us, he would have rode his bike to the inauguration. I’m telling you, that would have set a fire under him, and he would have been more excited then a three-year-old! It is with regret that he couldn’t see this come to pass, but I’m getting the idea that he’s saying, ‘HELL YES’ up there on his cozy cloud.”

She also brought up an interesting point: “I wonder how many babies were born nine months later?” she asked, suggesting we all check birth statistics from the day President Trump was inaugurated to nine months after that, because, “It’s the day America fell in love again.”

Stephen Bach of Redding, California attended a Trump rally in “Small town Northern Jefferson, formerly known as California. 5000 people strong, 115° on the tarmac, and his sign on the stand melted off. Magnificent day!” He sent in this photo:

Mary Fread of Canton, Ohio, recalled that when she attended a Trump rally, she had an experience she’ll never forget. “I was in a wheelchair next to the aisle Trump was to walk down. Since there was actually no designated handicapped area, people saying they had special permission filled the aisle in front of me,” said Fread, noting that she ended up watching President Trump speak by watching the cell phones of the people standing in her way.

And then something amazing happened: “One of them got (President Trump’s) autograph on a campaign sign and handed it to me,” she said, noting that it was a good way to make up for not being able to see anything. “I had the sign framed, and it now hangs on my spare bedroom door known as ‘The Trump Room!’ God bless and protect our President Trump!”

Steve Ramsay of Clearwater, Florida finds Trump rallies to be “contagious,” which probably explains why he’s been to so many. According to Ramsay, “I’ve been to ten Trump rallies, one Town Hall, and one Pence rally. Each one was an experience altogether. I could tell some stories.” We can’t wait to hear them!