Written by DML
Call it a coincidence if you will, but shortly after my LIVE show on Monday, it turns out I am blocked from entering my Facebook account — as of 5:30pm EDT it remains that way.

Although my team still has access to the page, I do not.

One has to wonder how a company worth billions and billions and billions of dollars can’t get its “security check” system to work?  Or can they.  Allow me to explain…

I went to login to Facebook with the intent of publishing a post but instead of getting access, I get a security check screen.

The screen reads that a code was sent to my phone.  I checked the phone and it was there.

Upon entering that code I should be permitted back in, right?  No.

The code doesn’t work.  So, I request another code.  It too didn’t work.

I requested another code, and it did not work.  I requested another, and another.  Then another, and another.  The FB security check box continued to reject the code time and again.

Finally, FB tells me I must wait a minute before requesting a new code.  I wait several minutes and try again, but no code is sent.

I tried three different web browsers.  I cleared my cache.  You name it, I tried it, but nothing worked.

One has to wonder why there is a security check on my page?

I didn’t receive any messages stating that someone was trying to hack into my account.  And I didn’t try to login from an unknown IP address.  I login everyday from work, and or I login from home.  Nothing changed today.

That said, I reached out to FB and asked an account rep for help.  Let’s see where it goes.  But I find it interesting that I am locked out after a large number of DML supporters emailed FB over the weekend complaining about being removed from our news feed.

Again, this could all be coincidence, but tack on that we had over 4,000 people on FB LIVE today and I mentioned to them all about the issues we are receiving with FB .

It’s clear, Facebook doesn’t understand that the people who enjoy our news and opinions will find us one way or another.  So why not accept our account for what it is, allow us to advertise and publish without restricting our account and reach, and stop gagging conservatives as a whole.  Just a thought.