Written by DML
Well, that didn’t take long.   The Miss Mary Cafe Facebook page launched by my wife has been shut down without even making a single post.

Mary set up the page to connect to her website.  The website showcases stories about health, travel, and general information that can be tagged as “life.”   A recent post was about a coffee shop helping special needs children.

Her profile picture is her Miss Mary Cafe logo, and the cover photo is of her.  She set up an email address specifically to her new presence on Facebook and followed all the rules.

With the launch of the new DML NEWS APP 2.0, she tried to log in to Facebook today for the first time since setting up the page earlier this week only to find she had been locked out.  I tried accessing the page via the link on her site and saw the FB message below stating there is no page available.

Mary received a message stating Facebook was concerned about “security”, and so they required an additional photo to be uploaded.  She tried this photo:

Facebook rejected the picture, stating the photo was “too small.”

She tried again with a bigger photo only to be told they’d get back to her after Facebook reviewed her photograph.

There are no security concerns, lets be honest.  It’s all politics even though Miss Mary Cafe clearly states it’s everything but politics.  Mary’s greatest crime is that she’s married to me and her page, which is so innocent and harmless, is connected to my app.  Facebook hates me, but we’ll keep motoring away!