Big names to big organizations have been giving presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump the green light on endorsements and donations, but some major individuals within the Republican party are still resisting giving Trump any form of endorsement or supportive acknowledgment.

One of those conservative individuals is radio host Rush Limbaugh. On his radio program, a caller named Timothy questioned Rush as to why he hasn’t publicly made an endorsement for Donald Trump yet. “I believe it’s time for the all-knowing, all-seeing Rushbo, the omniscient one, to come out and endorse Trump, who is the presumptive Republican nominee … I think if you were to endorse him, it would most assuredly guarantee his election. He needs your endorsement, It’s that important, and it’s about time you did it,” the caller said.

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Rush pointed out he doesn’t typically make endorsements until the primary season is over, even though Trump became the resounding presumptive nominee. He then further adds: “What difference does it make now? I don’t live under any kind of delusions here that people are going to make up their minds on these serious things just because I happen to tell people who I’m for. I think endorsing Trump at this stage is like an, ‘Oh, really? Where you been? So what?’ It’s not what I do.”

Despite Timothy’s persistence, Limbaugh would not declare an endorsement.