You may know the Atlanta based rapper and actor Clifford Harris Jr., known as T.I. He’s been on the music scene since 2001, and has a very prominent social media following. In an interview Friday with TIME magazine, T.I. shared some of his political insight. On Trump, T.I. comments “I think he’s just the opposite of what this country needs in order to move forward… If I were to do the things Trump’s doing, I would be called a common thug.”

He had high praises for Bernie and Hillary though. “I think Bernie is an excellent candidate because every time he answers questions, he answers them straight, you know exactly where he stands on prison reform, on taxes.” With Hillary it’s a little less enthusiastic: “I think if she can come up with some legitimate answers to some questions that we have—I just feel like she evades questions.” He adds if he can get clarity from Hillary like Bernie, he would “be glad to support her.”

It’s funny though, because in October T.I. made statements he would not vote for Hillary Clinton because “women make rash decisions emotionally” as well as “I think you might be able to get the Loch Ness Monster elected before you could get a woman.” As for Bernie, it would make sense for T.I. to support his prison reform plans when you look at the criminal record of the rapper. You can view a timeline of his convictions below:

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