Despite the media’s attempt to take the spotlight off recent revelations that indicate there could be a criminal component to the Uranium One deal that took place during Obama’s time in office when Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state, the story continues to develop into a scandal.

According to Fox News, an FBI informant could hold the answers to all the questions surrounding the shady deal.  However, the informant is under a under a gag order that prevents him from testifying before Congress.

“He can tell what all the Russians were talking about during the time that all these bribery payments were made,” Victoria Toensing, the informant’s attorney, said on “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

The Obama-era deal, in which a Russia-backed company bought a uranium firm with mines in the U.S., is under investigation in both the House and the Senate for possible corruption.

Some of the investors in the Russia-backed company, Uranium One, had relationships with former President Bill Clinton and donated to the Clinton Foundation.

The Justice Department, under Obama, imposed the non-disclosure order and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch threatened to prosecute the informant if he disclosed details of his involvement in the investigation. Now, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has requested the Justice Department lifts the non-disclosure agreement.

DML News will continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available.