U.S. District Judge William Orrick, who was appointed by former president Barack Obama in 2012, has put up a new roadblock to stop President Trump’s efforts to fight illegal immigration.

Monday, Judge Orrick ruled that the temporary block he had put in place in April to stop Trump’s efforts to withhold funding from sanctuary cities would become permanent, calling Trump’s order “unconstitutional on its face.”

The city of San Francisco and Santa Clara County had both sued over President Trump’s order, claiming over $2 billion in federal funding could be lost.

Monday, Orrick stated in his ruling:

“The defendants are permanently enjoined from enforcing Section 9(a) of the Executive Order against jurisdictions they deem as sanctuary jurisdictions. Because Section 9(a) is unconstitutional on its face, and not simply in its application to the plaintiffs here, a nationwide injunction against the defendants other than President Trump is appropriate.

“I concluded that the County of Santa Clara and the City and County of San Francisco had pre-enforcement standing to protect hundreds of millions of dollars of federal grants from the unconstitutionally broad sweep of the Executive Order,” Orrick wrote.

In April it was revealed that Judge Orrick had previously raised at least $200,000 for Obama, and had donated over $30,000 to other groups supporting him.

He is also the same judge who issued a restraining order against the group responsible for the undercover videos which showed Planned Parenthood officials in discussions about selling baby organs.