U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg, a federal judge appointed by former President Obama, threw out a lawsuit on Thursday, ruling that the federal government has done all it can to retrieve Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

In 2015, two watchdog organizations, Judicial Watch and Cause of Action, had filed suit to force the State Department and the FBI to make a greater effort to recover ALL of Clinton’s deleted emails.

The Washington Times noted that last year the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia reversed that finding, ordering the government to “shake loose a few more emails.” But Judge Boasberg put an end to the shaking Thursday.

Noting that the FBI had already uncovered 55,000 pages of emails, the judge has decided that is enough.

“Those efforts went well beyond the mine-run search for missing federal records … and were largely successful, save for some emails sent during a two-month stretch. Even then, the FBI pursued every imaginable avenue to recover the missing emails,” wrote Judge Boasberg.

“The Court of Appeals may have asked the Government to ‘shake the tree harder’ for more emails, but it never suggested that the FBI must shake every tree in every forest, without knowing whether they are fruit trees,” he wrote.

Responding to the judge’s decision, Tom Fitton president of Judicial Watch, said, “I think the president, once he learns about this, is going to blow his top and he ought to.”