A few weeks back, Jets team owner Woody Johnson gave his formal endorsement of Donald Trump for the 2016 election. Now, a football coach with an all-star record has announced his formal endorsement.

Former University of Georgia football coach Vince Dooley was on Tim Bryant’s morning show on WGAU in Athens Saturday, reiterating his endorsement of Donald Trump in a full statement after he made the initial announcement at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta on Wednesday. His description of the presumptive Republican nominee was something in the way of a coach talking about a freshman running back who still makes a few errors on the field:

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“I guess you could say I’m like the Paul Ryan philosophy. I endorsed Donald Trump, but I do wish he could do and say things differently. Nevertheless, he is the person that was chosen by the people. We don’t have an oligarchy here, we have a democracy in the Republican party. So he overwhelmingly was the choice, and I’m very much in favor of the Republican party. And Donald Trump is the one that has come out. The people have spoken.

“And so I support him, but I do also have some concerns, because initially Jeb Bush was my candidate….

“There are others in the Republican party that have concerns, but I do think if the Republican party is going to go in, you can’t divide the party, or you’ll have no chance to win. And we’re very much in favor of the candidate regardless of some of the shortcomings that I think that he has. Hopefully, some of those will be addressed as he matures in his position…”