Odds are you’ve never heard the name Anthony D. McClanahan before today despite his football prowess. And the only reason you’ll learn about him today is that he is charged with murdering his wife.

McClanahan trained with the Dallas Cowboys back in the 1990s when the team was a powerhouse, but he ended up playing in the Canadian football league for a period of four years. He also played in college at Washington State University.

According to prosecutors, McClanahan allegedly sliced his wife’s neck before contacting the police earlier this month.

The former pro athlete initially told officers that he, his wife and baby had been attacked. However, that turned out to be false, as police found no evidence of an infant at the condo, or anyone entering the condo.

According to Fox News, his wife’s body was found in a condominium McClanahan had rented, after someone else at the building called 911, saying he was crawling low to the ground through the hallways and calling for help. Keri McClanahan had cuts to the front, back and sides of her neck, as well as other defensive wounds and carpet burns.

The bloody scene in the ski town indicated that Keri “KC” McClanahan, 28, put up a desperate struggle before she was killed. The murder weapon was a small, sharp knife she’d worn sheathed in a nylon paracord bracelet, charging documents stated.

Police discovered McClanahan, 46, covered in blood and crawling on his stomach outside early on the morning of Nov. 2. He lifted himself up just enough to flag down a police officer, then dropped back down and began convulsing, his arms making a “snow angel motion,” the officer on scene told prosecutors.

Although McClanahan spent time training with the Dallas Cowboys, he never played a single NFL game, according to the organization’s records.