As usual, the news is filled with stories about President Trump, including a new Rasmussen Reports poll released Monday which revealed that the president’s approval rating has risen to 46 percent, which is his highest approval rating since early October.

Additionally, please see below four other interesting stories in the news Monday.

President Trump is nominating white men to federal courts at highest rate in 30 years – The Associated Press sounded the “alarm” Monday, lamenting that Trump’s pattern of nominating so many white men to serve as judges is “threatening to reverse a slow transformation toward a judiciary that reflects the nation’s diversity.”

So far, 91 percent of Trump’s nominees are white, and 81 percent are male. Additionally, three of every four are white men, and very few are African-American or Hispanic, the Associated Press stated.

Noting that President Trump has inherited a large number of judicial vacancies, and a high number of aging judges, the AP said he is now in a position to “significantly reshape the courts,” as these are lifetime appointments. CLICK HERE to read more on this story.

One of Trump’s judicial nominees facing backlash after failing to reveal his wife is a top White House lawyer – Brett J. Talley, 36, a former Alabama deputy solicitor general who currently serves in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Policy, was nominated for a lifetime appointment as a federal district judge.

However, on a Senate questionnaire asking him to identify family members that could be potential conflicts of interest, he reportedly failed to note that his wife, Ann Donaldson, is chief of staff to White House Counsel Don McGahn.

The Senate Judiciary Committee confirmed Talley on Thursday, and he is now waiting for full confirmation from the Senate. CLICK HERE to read more on this story.

Trump asks China President to help on UCLA players caught shoplifting in China – Three freshman UCLA basketball players were busted for shoplifting while in Hangzhou, China for a tournament last week. They allegedly helped themselves to designer sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store, all caught on the store’s surveillance cameras.

While visiting Beijing last week, President Trump brought up the matter to Chinese President XI Jinping, and Xi reportedly promised to make sure the players are treated fairly. CLICK HERE to read more.

Protesters take over Trump administration-led meeting at U.N. climate change event in Germany with parody of “God Bless the USA.” – During talks about the “clean” deployment of coal and nuclear power at a United Nations international climate change meeting in Bonn, Germany, anti-Trumpers, upset that President Trump pulled out of the Paris agreement, took over and started singing.

The tune was familiar, but the words were not, as they burst into a parody version of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”

The lyrics included, “So you claim to be an American, but we see right through your greed. It’s killing all across the world, for that coal money. We proudly stand up and tell you to keep it in the ground. The people of the world unite, and are here to stay.”

CLICK HERE to read more on this story. See the video of the stunt below.