Almost out of the blue, it has been reported retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn is being considered by presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump as a potential running mate, revealed sources familiar with the vetting process.

Flynn, a staunch critic of President Barack Obama who previously ran the Defense Intelligence Agency, is seen as a favorable choice for projecting competence in strong national security. Even though he is a registered Democrat, the retired lieutenant general told ABC News, “I grew up in a very strong Democratic family. But I will tell you that the Democratic Party that existed in this country is not the Democratic Party that I grew up around in my upbringing. Not at all.”

“I am honored to be even in this discussion,” Flynn said of the possibility of being selected vice president. “For the kid from, you know, a little town in the smallest state in the Union, Rhode Island, it’s a pretty big deal, and I take it very seriously. If people are serious about it, I have to be serious about it.”

When asked about his views on abortion, a major topic that divides conservatives and liberals, Flynn shared an opinion that is not fared well by conservatives, but states the decision of abortion is a legally difficult one.

“I think women have to be able to choose what they … you know, sort of a right of choice,” he said, adding, “but I think that’s a difficult legal decision, and I think that women are so important in that decision-making process. They are the ones that have to make the decision because they are the ones that are going to decide whether to bring up that child or not.”