Donald Trump need not concern himself with polls showing him losing to Hillary Clinton in late June, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich insisted Tuesday, calling upon recent poll sponsored by ABC News and The Washington Post to be withdrawn or redesigned. And if Trump is within five points of Clinton on the Friday before Election Day, Gingrich predicted, the presumptive Republican nominee will be the next president.

“The Washington Post poll has her tying with Trump with men. Now the odds against that happening are so great that even given the total bias of The Washington Post and the degree to which they’re now committing a hatchet job on Trump, I think some sense of professional dignity should have led them either to withdraw the poll or redesign it,” Gingrich told “Fox & Friends,” referring to the co-sponsor of the poll co-produced by the Post’s polling team with Langer Research Associates.

Trump himself attacked the poll’s methodology on Sunday, tweeting, “The @ABC poll sample is heavy on Democrats. Very dishonest – why would they do that? Other polls good!”

“The ‘dirty’ poll done by @ABC @washingtonpost is a disgrace. Even they admit that many more Democrats were polled. Other polls were good,” he wrote in another.