On Monday, controversial conservative radio host and founder of The Blaze Glenn Beck called GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump a “sociopath” who is unable to connect with others “on a human level.” In the past, Beck had previously called the Republican candidate a psychopath, narcissist and pathological liar. However, on PBS’s “Charlie Rose” show, Beck took it up a notch:

“Have you seen him during the last year and a half truly feel for someone that couldn’t help him? Truly connect on a human level, and say, ‘This has made me stop; this has made me think. … I am deeply sorry for what I have said?’ A sociopath is somebody who doesn’t really see the human experience in anyone else, and I haven’t seen that in him. I haven’t seen him deeply affected by the human condition in an individual.”

The whiny critic of Trump then lamented about he didn’t believe Trump would actually get this far in the election, further instigating that the GOP failed this year:

“Trump thought this would be fun, I’ll give it a whirl. … I don’t think he actually saw himself, and I think he has put himself in a position now where if you look at the financials of his empire, of his hotel empire, when they start changing the name of Trump hotels … there is trouble.”