For the month of June, Donald Trump raised more than $26 million through online and mail solicitations and another $25 million at events with the Republican National Committee, his campaign announced Wednesday.

It was the biggest monthly take by far for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, who did not begin to hold fundraising events until late May. The amount raised far surpassed the GOP elite’s expectations. Trump clearly has the talented ability to quickly raise large sums of money into his campaign by tapping into the motivation of his supporters.

The Trump campaign announced Wednesday more than 400,000 supporters made donations in June, with more than $3 million coming in just one day. This means the billionaire will be able to post far larger totals in the coming months if he continues to actively urge his backers to donate.

“We’re extremely pleased with the response,” said Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s national finance chairman, noting the campaign just kicked off its online fundraising efforts two and half weeks ago. “We are seeing similar levels to level of success that Bernie Sanders was able to attract from his supporters. I think that this reflects the wide level of support and interest there is out there to see Donald Trump as president.”