After word got out that Maryland GOP official Steve Schuh had donated $1,000 to the campaign of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R), he asked for a refund.

The Anne Arundel County, Maryland executive is requesting Moore return his donation, according to the Capital Gazette, after a local progressive blog made the donation public.

“My contribution was in connection to the Severna Park fundraiser a few months ago, before I found out he was a creeper,” Schuh told the newspaper. “Since the time that became clear, I have asked for my money back.”

Fully expecting Moore to drop out of the race amid mounting sexual misconduct allegations, Schuh said he asked for his money back earlier this week. When Moore held his ground, Schuh decided to email the candidate’s chief of staff, Rich Hobson, to request his refund.

“Rich, as you know, I contributed to Mr. Moore’s campaign some time ago before these extremely concerning allegations about misconduct arose,” Schuh wrote. “The allegations are both numerous and credible. Accordingly, I would ask that my contribution to Mr. Moore be returned. Thank you for your consideration.”

Schuh is still waiting for the money, he told reporters.

The Alabama race was thrust into the national spotlight after Moore was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, including one who says Moore came onto her when she was 14 and he was 32.

Moore has denied the allegations and steadfastly refuses to drop out of the race, saying the accusations are nothing more than a political scheme to sabotage his campaign.

President Trump has offered a full endorsement of Moore in recent days, saying his vote is needed in the Senate to pass Republican bills.