During his appearance on ‘Meet the Press’ Sunday,  a senator from Oklahoma said he said would vote no on the Republican tax reform plan if it increases the debt.

Sen. James Lankford (R) told Chuck Todd, “If it raises the debt I am a no. I want to make sure we have reasonable assumptions in the process for growth estimates.”  He continued, “It’s one thing to cut taxes, it’s another thing to say how we’re going to deal with our debt and deficit.”

“I’m actually not comfortable with increasing the debt. This is something that’s been a behind-the-scenes conversation for a long time,” said the senator.   “We need to be reasonable in our assumptions.”  He went on to say the economy has been stuck in a rut for over a decade with limited year over year growth.

Lankford’s comments come after House Republicans introduced their tax reform plan last week. It is expected to pass through the House, but will face major hurdles when and if it reaches the senate.

Some conservatives are concerned with the proposal as they claim it could add up to $1.5 trillion in debt over a decade.