The Republican Party has gained hundreds of thousands of new voters in key states that Trump needs in order to win the election. These battleground states are Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

According to the CNN report, Democrats still outnumber Republicans in these states, however, the GOP is continuing to add new voters and improve its standing.

In Florida since November 2012, 300,000 more Republicans have been added to the voter rolls than Democrats, reports CNN. Democrats had 557,544 more registered voters than Republicans in 2012, and they are now only 259,000 ahead.

Since 2012, Democrats have lost 195,000 white voters, and Republicans have gained around 149,000, the report said.

In North Carolina, Republicans gained twice as many voters as Democrats since 2012. CNN states that in 2012, Republican Mitt Romney won the presidential vote there by only 79,000 votes.

According to Republican strategist Carter Wrenn, many North Carolina Democrats vote for both parties. He says, “about 15 percent of Democrats, mostly older Democrats, usually vote for the Republican nominee for president.”

In Pennsylvania, Republicans gained 83,000 more voters than Democrats. Democrats still have more registered voters than Republicans there, but the lead the Democrats have is the smallest it’s been since 2007, CNN reports.

Trump’s Pennsylvania chairman, Rep. Tom Marino, said at least 80,000 Democrats have switched their party registration to Republican this year.