Donald Trump went to Detroit last week to deliver a speech on his economic proposals. He laid out the consistent problems of the heavily black city, saying Democrats had a stranglehold on power, “and unless we change policies, we will not change results.”

Trump has always criticized Democrats for doing little to address urban joblessness and despair. But Republicans are harping on Trump on the fact that the Republican nominee has not held a more events aimed at black voters in their communities.

His main style of addressing America has been arena-size rallies, conducting media interviews and receiving visitors in private at events. Apparently, the GOP doesn’t believe that’s good enough, and believe Trump needs to pander specifically to get the “black vote.”

Trump’s lack of doing these tailored events has upset black Republicans, fearing the Republican ticket may take a hit in the swing states.

“He’s alienated a number of minority voters, and that’s reflected in his low numbers,” said Tara Wall, a communications consultant who helped with black outreach on both of George W. Bush’s presidential campaigns and Mitt Romney’s 2012 bid. “You have to do the bare minimum, and he’s not even doing that.”

Do you agree with Wall and these Republicans?