Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch spoke at a Thursday night dinner held by the Federalist Society in honor of the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

In his remarks, he said the fact that he was confirmed to the high court was evidence that Scalia’s jurisprudential philosophies of originalism and textualism popularized had triumphed.

During the dinner, held at Union Station in Washington, D.C., Gorsuch said, “Tonight I can report that a person can be both a publicly committed originalist and textualist and be confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States,” Gorsuch said. “Originalism has regained its place at the table … textualism has triumphed … and neither one is going anywhere on my watch.”

The Federalist Society, a right-leaning legal organization, is holding its annual conference in Washington this week. The 2017 National Lawyers Convention will include prominent Trump administration officials, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Scott Pruitt and the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bringing the stage to a standing ovation, Gorsuch gave remarks that included praise for the Federalist Society and included kind words for Executive Vice President Leonard Leo. Leo also serves as Trump’s adviser on the Supreme Court and judicial nominations, the Washington Examiner noted.

Making a joke about the notion that the organization is a “secret society,” Gorsuch advised the leaders of the Federalist Society: “For starters, if you’re going to have a meeting of a secret organization, maybe don’t have it in the middle of Union Station.”

Key quotes reported at the event and attributed to Gorsuch include:

  • “Separation of Powers is the cornerstone of our Republic.”
  • “In our system, judges wear robes, not capes.”
  • “It doesn’t matter if an idea is popular, it matters if it is right. “

The Federalist Society is currently live-streaming its 2017 National Lawyers Convention. Links to past and current speeches can be accessed HERE.