Professors are at it again thinking they’re all high and mighty, as they shove their liberal agenda on to Americans. This time though, they’re straight out chastising Americans who vote for Trump as history because they’re unintelligent and “don’t understand history.”

On Monday, a group calling itself Historians Against Trump published an “Open Letter to the American People.” The purpose of the letter, the historians lecture to us, is to warn against “Donald J. Trump’s candidacy and the exceptional challenges it poses to civil society.” They suggest they are uniquely qualified to issue this warning, and that we’re not, because they “have a professional obligation as historians to share an understanding of the past upon which a better future may be built.”

Or, in less modest wording: We’re historians and you’re not, and “historians understand the impact these phenomena have upon society’s most vulnerable.” Therefore we can’t keep silent or our mouths shut, for “the lessons of history compel us to speak out against Trump.”

Hogwash. So now professors with degrees from academic backgrounds are highlighting their profession to tell the American people their beliefs and values are wrong, in this case those who support Donald Trump. Stick to giving out homework.