Hillary Clinton delivered a speech in Ohio on Tuesday. Of course, like most of her speeches, she attempted to undermine Donald Trump by attacking his presidential bid, his party, and his personality. It’s what’s become expected of Hillary with these speeches. While nothing significant or noteworthy was achieved in her speech, Hillary did reach a milestone today in something else.

Today marks 200 days since Clinton has held a formal press conference where media personnel were allowed to ask questions. Yep, December 4, 2015.

The last time Clinton held a news conference, not a single vote had been cast in the Democratic primary contest, and the State Department inspector general’s office hadn’t issued a scathing report on Clinton’s decision to exclusively use a private email server as Secretary of State.

Of course, this is a campaign strategy. Hillary is scared of the unplanned questions, as made clear by her insistence to plot staged audience questions. Instead of being direct and responsible in front of cameras, Hillary sticks to speeches where she can lie without retort by eager journalists who want to ask her the tough questions.

So when’s the last time Trump had a press conference? He’s held plenty before and after becoming the presumptive nominee for the GOP. In fact, the better question is when is his next one. The answer? It’ll be in a few days after the Brexit vote in Scotland. Let’s see if Hillary steps up.