Gun sales are skyrocketing after the recent terror attack in Orlando, Florida.  A surge in sales is common after a mass shooting or terrorist attack, but gun shop owners are surprised by the large group of customers they’ve never seen in their stores before… gays and lesbians.

A national gun club for gays and lesbians, the Pink Pistols, say its membership jumped from about 1,500 members on Saturday to 3,500 on Monday, and dozens of new chapters of the organization are springing up across the country.

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The owner of The Gun Room in Denver, Colorado, George Horne, says business is booming, with four times the number of customers as usual.

A Georgia gun shop reported selling an average of 15 high-powered riffles per hour on Monday, when they normally sell just two per day.  A Pennsylvania dealership reported they had sold 15,000 semi-automatic weapons since Sunday.