Hillary Clinton is the darling of the mainstream media.  Unfortunately, this means the media pushes many false narratives about Trump.  Plus, they hold back information about Hillary.

Even worse are the media outlets that disguise themselves as being conservative but who behind the scenes rub elbows with, and financially support, the Clintons.  They don’t treat Trump as favorably as they do Clinton.

Many times it’s not what the media outlets will report, it’s what they won’t report.  In fact, the top brass at one TV network actually dictates the questions that journalists are told to ask candidates during interviews.

So if you’re a Trump supporter, how do you help him, or any candidate for that matter, who is not receiving fair treatment by the media? ANSWER: You use the power of social media.

In the video below, media guru and founder of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell, shares the results of a recent study revealing how social media is the strongest weapon when it comes to reporting what the media will not.  So be sure to listen to what he says.  Then, be sure to find your favorite clips and posts, especially those on the DML website and Facebook page, and share them every time you see something you like.  You can start with this one!