Hillary Clinton said Tuesday the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” offers lessons for the nation, telling donors following a special fundraising performance, “Let’s not throw away our shot.” Ticket purchases for fans to meet with Hillary at the event ranged to $2,700, by the way.

“Hamilton” is a Tony award-winning musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton and has been praised by politicians, Hollywood celebrities and rap stars alike. The former secretary of state said she had now seen the musical three times and “I cry every time.”

Citing the main theme of the tear-jerking musical, Clinton told the audience, “Let’s think a lot about history’s eyes on us. The nation’s founders were not perfect people but they were united in their conviction that they could build this new country from nothing. We are still going strong.”

Of course, Hillary’s little “inspirational” speech had to include a jab at Trump as well, saying the country couldn’t be detoured by those “who play to the worst of our feelings, who would divide us, who would scapegoat us.”