Hillary Clinton, in her own conniving political rhetoric, revealed how she will basically silence anyone who opposes her if she becomes President as her first priority of decision making. On Saturday, Clinton pledged to introduce an amendment to the Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision within the first 30 days of her administration, an aide revealed.

So with shootings and terrorism going on in the U.S., France, Turkey and abroad, and police officers being killed for doing their job, Clinton’s first order of business is to silence the opposition and overturn a case that said the First Amendment allows nonprofit or for profit entities to criticize her and other people running for public office.

The specific holding of Citizens United was that the federal government could not constitutionally ban the showing of a movie that was critical of Hillary Clinton.

It is perhaps understandable that Hillary would want the power to ban criticism of her in movies, magazines, web sites and books considering the multifold number of scandals she’s in. Also, President Barack Obama’s Solicitor General specifically stated in oral argument the administration’s position was that it can constitutionally ban books if they criticize politicians who are running for office. In a sense, Hillary will be following Obama’s path.

Let’s be honest: is it really that shocking that repealing the First Amendment and destroying our freedom of speech would be one of Hillary’s first objectives as president?