Hillary Clinton officially took to the stage at the DNC in Philadelphia to formally accept the Democrat’s presidential nomination for President of the United States. She was introduced by her daughter Chelsea, who humanized her mother by talking about her motherly (and grandmotherly) personality. It seemed nice and playful, as if Hillary was the innocent humble grandmother the Democrats were trying to portray.

But soon, after Chelsea finished her introduction topped off with a Morgan Freeman narrated video, the controversial manipulator and political saboteur of the truth took the stage: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Strolling out to a conventional pop song (called “My Fight Song”) in her expensive white pantsuit, Hillary hugs her daughter but then quickly smothers in the glory of becoming the first major female nominee. She praises Obama, Biden and everyone else who had to swallow their pride and glorify her these past few days.

The best part? She praised Bernie Sanders, and he did not even crack a smile when the cameras panned to him. It was an incredibly awkward moment, and that was only two minutes into the speech. This comes as no surprise, but her speech was a complete bore with meaningless filler.

A little excitement came forward: she almost got stuck into one of her coughing fits when she was preaching about her exaggerated accomplishments. She became boisterous against Donald Trump and his rhetoric to fix things himself, but it fell very short. Sadly, no coughing fit.

Of course, the liberals went rabid over her “love trumps hate” preaching, followed by her vocally accepting the nomination as the “first” female, a moment she’s waited for forty years. From putting up with Bill’s infidelity, her lousy run as Senator of New York, her incompetency as Obama’s Secretary of State, fumbling up with emails and American lives lost in Benghazi, and having to go up against Bernie Sanders who she could only beat out by (corrupted) super delegates, Hillary finally got her moment. Now, it’s only a matter of time before that moment is obliterated by Trump dominating her in the election.

The most infuriating aspect is the double standards of liberal media attacks on Trump, claiming he only offers soundbites and not policy solutions. Hillary, not once, gives a legitimate proposal or policy plan during the entire speech. Instead, she plays the “woman card” repeatedly, as well as the “let’s put the focus on bashing Trump” card. She beats that one to death.

Hillary does propose her  anti-ISIS plans, which was almost verbatim of Obama’s (and we all know how well that’s worked out). And it wouldn’t be a liberal speech without her bashing the NRA and guns, of course. Clinton makes the claim she has no intentions of stripping the Second Amendment away… but says she has plans to strip guns away… so does that mean Hillary will have her security bodyguards give up their guns? Probably not. Following gun violence, Hillary says she’ll tackle “systemic racism.”

The long winded, content-barren speech ends with Hillary blessing the American people and the United States. Yes, we truly do need a blessing if she becomes the President of the United States…